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. this morning california senior senator takes center stage in america's gun control debate. we are live in san jose where excitement is building over the return of the sharks. we will tell you if there are any tickets left for tonight's home game, complete coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, january
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24th, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores, in for dave clark. rosemary orozco is in for steve. how is it looking? we have showers in monterey in the santa cruz area and giving you a peak, you can see most of the bay area is dry at this point but perhaps there is a few light showers, morgan kill and over santa cruz as well. we will remain with a few spotty showers and they are coming up in just a few minutes. here is sal. 680 southbound as you drive passed mission boulevard and it is a little bit wet out there as rosemary orozco said. this is a look at the bridge and the traffic is moving along well as you head out towards the commute. now we do have a big problem in marin county and the water-main
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break is coming through, we have details on what happened, paul? we are on the drive here in marin county and there will be a lot of clean up, let me show you why. that fire hydrant is still still open and the fire department got a call about flooding in green bray. once on the scene, the water was spreading out and they were able to get a handle on one of the nearby valves but one area was still working. >> that hydrant will flow 150 gallons a minute so it is at
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least that much more an hour and a half. >> reporter: just before 4:00 the fire department was able to shut off one fire hydrant and however, the good news is the storm drains did work and it does not appear any homes had flooded. >> will take them eight hours of repair and they are making sure nobody drives over -- nobody drivers over the area that needs to be repaired and of course we will stay with this and that part of the drive will be closed down and we have an hour and a half until they get out here to repair this area. we have another area which has buckled at this hour. live in green bay. they are looking for two
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people who struck and hid an elderly man on an open freeway. it happened on the highway 17 on ramp. two men hit him but did not stop to help. a third driver stayed at the scene and they believe he may be homeless. police are looking for your help as somebody tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. she was walking near north 33rd friday morning when they grabbed her and tried to drag her to safety. police waited a week to tell the people about the problem. they did not want to say what happened because of the hoax about a child being snatched from a woman's arms. this time they wanted to make sure the information was correct. he has black hair and brown
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eyes and a mustache. it could mark a turning point in his political career. heel deliver the state address and lists look forward to. he successfully campaigned for a voter approved tax hike. he turns 75 in april and has a chance to establish a legacy. he is expected to talk about high speed rail and a controversial plan to build tunnels to move water through the delta. you can watch the address right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news which starts at 9:00 a.m. and it will be treatmented live right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is expected to show some unexpected income. it will be more than projected. they set a record on january 16th and most of the money came
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from taxes quarterly. it is also from people taking profits ahead of the federal tax rate. san jose sharks played their first game in months and janine de la vega is where tonight's home opener is sold out. >> reporter: tonight they will be packed with the sharks fans for their long awaited team and this is the first game since the lock out ended. they have been training to fear up for the -- gear up for the season and they have already won in alberto but now they are going to the hp pavilion have been suffering from game nights. we are also out of jobs but now that is all changing and fans are looking forward to
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tonight's game. they have already started off great this season and at first we were worried but they are doing it. >> reporter: the sharks are playing a shortened season because of the lock out that lasted three months. they finally reached a new collective bargaining agreement which ended that lock out. today they will be playing tonight and we will tell you if any chance will have hard feeling over how long it has taken for them to get back on the ice. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. it started at an abandoned victorrian home on harrison street. it took three hours to put that fire out. squatters may have upon in and
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two people were actually on a roof next too door. >> they all showed each other which route to go out. >> they were detained for questioning but no arrests were made. and on state television, north korea quote, the worn enemy of the un council. they condemned south korea's threat and they say it is part of an all out action target being the united states. some 0 who live near the sikh temple are fed up with the traffic and people parking illegally during prayer services and who'll taser.
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they say the amount will almost double in size. fortunately the water main break is not affecting sir frances drake? >> no, obviously if you live in- mile-per-hour you might see some activity but it's not affecting them. this commute looks good so far on 880 westbound and it is still wet from overnight rain and showers we had. so you might want to if i have your of more and no major problems there. if you are driving in fremont, across the peninsular it is a nice looking drive on the san mateo bridge. 5:08 let's go to rosemary orozco. how are you this morning, it is time to perhaps ditch that umbrella. moving to the south, we have some rain falling over salina
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and here at home we are mainly dry and i do see a few sprinkles over highway 101 between morgan hill, san martin down into gilroy and aside from that, we are dealing with the possibility of wraparound moisture coming our way. with all of this moisture lingering we have that patchy fog and livermore is what you are dealing with this morning rather than the rain. we will be slightly warmer than yesterday, upper 50s to lower 60s in the forecast, 51 in concord 51 san rafael, upper 40s in napa. not a bad start, very similar to how we started yesterday. into the afternoon, 63 for
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hayward, 63 san francisco, 61 mountain view and 60 napa and santa rosa and perhaps 'outside shower as well. we are looking at mainly clear conditions and there is another shot at some rain and it looks to be a dryer system but a cooler system. temperatures are in the upper 60s and partly cloudy skies and dry on monday. one california school district has some parents very upset. also why lance armstrong's best selling books are now the target of a class action lawsuit. traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the wet roads.
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. new threats from korea, they plan to test rockets aimed at the united states. north korea calls it combat with the u.s. >> we just got off the phone with the department of defense and we asked them about the new threat from north korea and they asked who is responsible
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for this and north korea is targeting the u.s. and they are calling us quote the sworn enemy of the korean people. they swore sanctions against korea, something sanctions were pushing for during the rockets last month. they warn upcoming rocket launches are nuclear tests and this begins a confrontation with the u.s. they do not believe they will launch nuclear weapons soon but they expect north korea's rockets to reach us all next year. all of this during president barack obama's administration and they have levied sanctions against their program. now on the test site, we have photographs of what they are
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showing, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. senator john kerry is expected to face mostly friendly questioning when he testifies before the committee that he served on for the past four, he will appear before the foreign relations committee starting 7:00 our time and he is expected to be easily confirmed by his senate colleagues. and a look into the sandy hook school shooting, the sandy hook advisory commission will talk about the similar shootings of colorado and newtown connecticut. they will talk about school safety, mental health and gun violence prevention by march 15th. senator dianne fine stein will begin to fight for a ban on assault weapons. and in a few hours, she will
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introduce a new law which is designed to stop military assault weapons. the senator introduced a similar bill shortly after a mass shooting at a san francisco law firm. some parents at one california school district are up in arms over the purchase of more than a dozen assault weapons. they bought 14 assault weapons to protect them in an attack. they will be locked on campus for responding police officers and some are worried students could find a way to access the guns and they say the money should not be spent on weapons. >> does this put them at risk as the chief of police stated being neutralized and killed? >> the weapons cost $1,000 each
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and they have the ability to pearce body armor. they are legalizing same sex measure in the state. rode island is the only new england state which still prohibits marriage. now some one happy customers are spearheaded against armstrong. they say they would never have bought his books if they had known his true story. he strongly denied winning the tour de france but last night he came clean during an interview with oprah whimphrey. westbound 24 and 680, 242, those freeways are starting off well and it does look good to
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the other side of the world, on the other side of 880, you will notice it is still wet out there so you may want to give your self extra time because speeding could include a citation. and you don't want to worry about that. northbound 17 looks good downtown san jose is as well off to a decent start. okay, we have a decent day after the brunt much this moisture is now to the south of us and i am picking up just a few scattered showers and a few sprinkle under in your neighborhood as well. i have actually seen moisture as the low continues to sink south our chance for rain will be diminishing into the evening hours. here we are picking it up
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mainly dry, lunchtime does by mainly dry and then picking up scattered showers in to the afternoon in to the evening hours. all in all wile be mainly dry. 63 expected for oakland. 61 in mountain view. low 60s for santa rosa as well as snap a and 60s are expected for the afternoon and a mix of sun and clouds for the last business day of the week temperatures will be slightly warmer friday afternoon and we will have a lot more cloud cover and patchy fog to deal with and temperatures in the 40s to near 50s defreeze, and there is a dryer air mass. a few sprinkles into saturday and sunday and temperatures
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cooler for your afternoon. most european markets are starting the trading day with gains but it was the opposite story in asia. south korea china all lost 2 shirt of a%. the nikkei lost one and a quarter% and that's despite record trade gap struggling. it looked like futures there indicated a pretty good drop for the nasdaq and all of them are up since yesterday and i will tell you why nasdaq is expected to go down. it is tanking after the closing bell that it missed its move for the third quarter in a row. it is a $50 billion drop in the company's value. coming up only on 2, a sit
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down with a man who helped to lower crime in oakland plus what clinch clinch says. it happened more than 70 years ago. if he the morning wake-up call by texting the world wake up to 70123.
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. >> teaming up part of an ongoing fire side hang out, that is the 21st century fire side chats on the radio. the vice-president is in charge of a task force coming up with ways to reduce gun violence. the forum starts at 10:45 our time. >> here is a story only on 2, william bratton sat down to talk with us about his first order of business in the city. right now he is in detroit and he will start his consulting job in oakland next month. his first order in oakland is to learn what is not working in the city so i can fix it. >> it is about looking at how
5:27 am
they might fight crime and improve the fight to fight crime. >> reporter: his hiring was controversial because of the stop and frisk policy which some believe could lead to racial profiling. bratton said that is not the case. let's see how it is looking out there, sal? >> reporter: it is exactly right, we are getting more and more people out there and still on 880, it has not reached a critical level and drive times are low as you drive from san jose to cupertino. same thing for sunole grade. let's go back to rosemary orozco. it is still a little damp but most of the rain has stopped falling and we will
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continue with a possibilities of a few scattered showers and outside of that mostly cloudy and temperatures are right where they should be. upper 50s and 60s and given us rain where it has fallen, 4 / 10th in san rafael and 310th -- 3 / 10th for napa and 13 / 100l1sl0 in san francisco. areas of salina, and through morgan hill and gilroy a few scattered showers and we are continuing to dry out today and temperatures will be warming as well and i will have a look at your extended forecast coming up. >> a live update, police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a little girl, it
5:29 am
happened nearly a week ago and we will tell you why they waited so long let the -- to let the public know about it. and we will have a big announcement about women in the military, stay with us. iyin)ñ)ogóçñóçíç'ñy?oo
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. welcome back, i am brian flores, it is thursday, dave has the day off.
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rosemary orozco is here for steve, is the rain pretty much done? >> we are sort of at the tail end and we will leave the possibility for scattered showers for today and the roads are still wet and we have fog developing in some of our inland locations so you macon tend with that -- may consent as you come out and i will show you what you can expect for the upcoming weekend, good morning sal. coming on the 28th 0 commute if you are -- 280 commute, it is wet out there and you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes. westbound san mateo looks good out to the high-rise and we look good on the peninsular.
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now the water-main break is causing some problems, let's go to paul with more on this story, paul? >> reporter: basically things are under control accept there are a few things on the roadways because it is come row moo mized. when we a arrived, there were two other areas looking for water flooding on green bay. water was shotting 8 feet out into the air however water crews were able to shut down a nearby valve and now it is not as powerful. it is unclear if somebody hit a fire hydrant or if it just gave way. there is still a chance a sinkhole may develop. >> it got up under the asphalt and they will have it to now dig that out and repair the
5:34 am
main. >> reporter: water was coming out 1,500 gallons a minute for at least an hour and a half. it will leave about a dozen households without water this morning but the good news is that storm drains were working and it does not appear to be having a problem. they need to make sure they will be out here 1:30 this morning and the area where he is standing now, a lot of the buckling will give them that and of course a crew will be out here working that area, we will bring you the latest as it develops, paul chamber, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a 13- year-old girl. tara moriarty is in san jose
5:35 am
with the reason why police waited a week to tell the public about the case. >> reporter: well we spoke to the man who lives in this house that you see behind me and he said the attempted kidnapping happened in between these two trees. the alleged a take grabbed the little girl 10 -- attacker grabbed the little girl down to that area and the 13-year-old was on her way to school and walking to a friend's house and the mom was going to drive them to the bus stop 6:00 a.m. and apparently she noticed a man was following her. she managed to fight off her attacker and meanwhile they heard it all. >> i heard this scream and she said, that person was trying to get the little girl and i came out here in my long johns and i
5:36 am
said which way did he go and she said this way and i hopped on my vehicle and drove around to look for him so i could have information for the police when they got here. we didn't see nothing, maybe it was a good thing i didn't see nothing because things would have gotten real bad at that point because i would have hurt him. >> police waited nearly a week to tell the public about this case because with a woman's hoax she told about a man trying to snatch her child from her arms and they wanted to make sure they had all the information correct. they would like to show you the information on him. he is described as latino 5- foot 10 inches tall, and a must staff. the man who lives in this house has surveillance video and it
5:37 am
does show the little girl running away and hopefully they can glean some clues about the case. have you have any information about the case call the police department. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are trying to figure out why a san jose woman known as the candy lady was killed. shed had been shot at least once and died at the hospital. neighbors said the woman was well-known because she sold candy and snacks to children out of her apartment. >> i am surprised and sad ended and shocked and this world is filled with bad people and all we can do is pray for the family. >> police say they don't have a motive or suspect. it was a shooting that
5:38 am
happened underneath the bart tracks. witnesses spotted several men running from the gunfire one teen is now listed in stable condition and the other was only grazed by a bullet and was not seriously hurt. the shooting was led to a nearby lockdown at two schools. they are going to lift a ban on women serving in combat. the military has until 2016 to seek special -- exceptions. for years putting women in combat roles centered around strength and stamp what. -- stamp what. >> i think this is forcing them about what are the physical standards and et cetera, a lot of men can't do it either.
5:39 am
>> they blurred the lines of combat and as of last year 130 women have died and 180 women have died serving in afghanistan. a rally for proposed pay cuts... >> about 150 food service and healthcare workers. they say they have proposed cutting wages for jobs which are traditionally held by women and by minorities. >> be careful for the people born and raised in the city. >> the pay cut would affect more than 4,000 city workers and the distribute will go into the year 2014 and the current contract expires next year. it now includes a dazzling light show and caltrans is -- caltrans is now testing a
5:40 am
decorative span of lights which is part of that $8 million light project to mark the 75th anniversary. it will be turned on for seven hours each night once it is complete in march. >> yeah, i can't wait to see that. let's start with traffic on the eave bay. once again it is a little bit wet from that overnight rain. it tips to be a nice drive all the way through the bay bridge toll alleged victims disa and the trough looks good no major problems and if you are driving in the livermore it is 17 minutes to 6080 and no problems driving over to caster valley and if you are driving to hayward city and fremont, that
5:41 am
area still looks nice. a little bit of steady rain as well as salina and morgan hill and gilroy and we are seeing light rainier watts son -- watsonville. we will remain with scattered showers in place today and wrap around moisture will be coming our way. if you are headed to the sierra, i-80, we have snow showers right along the pass and chp is screening for chains as well as snow tires if you are going up over the pass so be prepared for that. not enough of accumulation but you can see as we get into the afternoon, a few scattered showers are beginning to work back into the bay area and then
5:42 am
into the evening hours beginning to dry out. 48 degrees in fairfield 48 in concord and napa and low 50s around the bay. 52 in mountain view 52 in santa rosa and napa concord livermore reporting fog this morning and take it easy, you may encounter that and now we have the fog. 63 in hayward, 60s in san francisco, 62 for santa rosa and the extend under forecast, temperatures will remain slightly warmer through friday but we remain seasonal for this time of year and into the weekend, a slight chance of rain and this system will be dryer and cooler and take a look at the afternoon highs, mid-50s for the forecast and i will show you that futurecast in just a bit. they are hoping it will be sunny and game days and the new
5:43 am
stadium will pave the way for sustainable end given creating as much as they need. the stadium is on schedule to move next year. there is no video, why the suspects are so dangerous and we will have more on the narcotics they are looking to steal. the foot long controversial on subway is growing, we have two people who just filed a lawsuit. good morning, your commute looks good and i will have more on the bay area weather, stay tuned. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant...
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. good morning, time now
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5:54, they are cleaning up a huge water-main break, the water flood green bray and there are concerns the roadway could buckle. paul chambers will have more during our 6:00 hour. governor jerry brown gives a state address and after deep cuts and budgets, they are expected to talk about more for public education. it could be the beginning of his legacy and we will carry his speech on kerry will appear before the senate foreign relations committee starting at 7:00 this morning. today secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will announce a launch of a 100,000 strong foundation as an independent department supported by corporations the
5:47 am
100,000 strong foundation has a goal of having 100,000 american students studying in china by 2014. sony has been ordered to pay nearly $400,000 in fines for not having adequate security to keep hackers from getting into the network. that put millions of users' personal information and birth dates and passwords were put at risk. peter robins pled not guilty to nine felony counts in a san diego courtroom. he repeatedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend. >> she said he would continue to hit the dog until he agreed to go with him.
5:48 am
>> he was nine when he was used as the voice of charlie brown. he was replaced at nine years old when his voice started to change. she faces gross vehicular man slaughter and is accused of hitting several pedestrians and 56-year-old woman died. his body was found on the alameda shoreline. his body was found on the beach at 10:00 yesterday morning. police say there were no obvious signs of trauma, but investigators are trying to determine whether he may have drowned. they are releasing two surveillance videos with suspects robbing the stores. you can see the suspects jumping over the counters and
5:49 am
forcing customers on the floor and one held a gun to a customer while demanding oxycodone. here are photos of the suspects and they are believed to be in their 20s . they found two large clues in a home invasion. several large men burst into a home of an elderly couple. one car was discovered while one car was dumped. they tied the elderly couple up and stole from them and took their cars. a foot long sandwich is being measured and it came in at 11:00 inches. now two new jersey men are suing because they say they are short changing customers. they say bread length can vary if they don't bake to corporate
5:50 am
standards. let's check our traffic with sal. >> is there a reason they put food stories right before me, because i am always hungry. >> forget about what they said about subway, that sandwich looks good >> >> traffic is moving along well, most of us have been up a lot longer and it is lunchtime for us in this business. the drive along the mcarthur maze, no major problems driving to the bay bridge toll plaza and no big delay. 880, same thing does and there are people out there and it is still wet out there and if you are the kind of person who wants an extra five or 10 minutes, now is the time to bring that out. we are looking at the livermore commute, 17 minutes to be exact
5:51 am
between grand line road and baker, that is your drive time. we are down to about a mile for visibility along the east bay stretch as well, concord is reporting patchy fog, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures holding a few degrees warmer than where we were yesterday in some spots. 48 in napa, 50 in walnut creek, 52 degrees in areas like walnut and gilroy along highway 101 and this is where we continue to see light rainfall in santa cruz and down to monterey and as i back it up, you can see moisture pushing to the south. this system, the center of the low is parked off the coast of southern california and it's right about here and that wrap around moisture will continue the possibility of some of this coming our way. let me show you what we see as we get to the after noon, we could see a little bit of rain and we are looking at partly sunny skies for the rest of us,
5:52 am
there it is 3:00 and 4:00, it blasts into the evening hours. we are dry on friday but take a look to the north. we have another system lining up in time for the weekend, notice the time-stamp, we wake up on saturday morning, we are mostly cloudy, there is not a lot of rain but there is a slight possibility of showers this weekend and notice the afternoon highs in the 50s. showers remain in the forecast under partly cloudy skies and temperatures remain slightly warmer, temperatures are in the 60s and friday dry conditions and a possibility of a few scattered showers on saturday as well as sunday partly cloudy skies sunday and dry on monday. we will have your rain totals coming up. the department claims new
5:53 am
jobless lows. 330,000 applied for first time unemployment benefits and that's down 5,000 from the week before. they warn january reports can be erratic after they report on what to is seasonal workers. they sent it to a six year low and many received default notices on december 2012 and that's down 8% from 2011 and the reason california home prices dropped and that means people oh more than what they are worth. they could see a loss in the final quarter of 2012 and instead they reported an $8 million profit after adding 4 million customers. shares were up in premarket
5:54 am
trading which means it will be at a four weeks high if it holds on the opening bell. what happened with the dress code violation? a night of great jazz music in san francisco, we will have more on what was behind the celebration. here you go little man.
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. welcome back on this thursday morning, residual showers remain in the forecast, here is a look at your totals. 42 / 100th in santa rosa. frank gore will pay more attention to his footwear. the nfl has fined him for wearing his socks too low during the nfc championship game. he said he was so focused on winning the game, his dress code slipped his mind. ashton cup of char is -- cup of char is -- ashton kuchar is expected to have a discussion about the film and it starts next thursday and the movie opens in theaters in april. operation prom dress, organizers need new or
5:58 am
generally used prom dresses shoes and other accessories all colors and styles are needed and the only qualification is that it must be appropriate to be worn there and donations must be dropped off at any community center. the stars came out for a concert celebrating the opening of the san francisco's new jazz center. the building used to be an auto repair shop. it is now a showcase for jazz music and they have many artists there and bill cosby was the master of sir minorities miss. >> oh, very nice. coming up on 6:00 with sal for a look at traffic. very good, we are starting in the south bay, this traffic does look good but in general
5:59 am
it is wet from the overnight rain and we have had no major problems to report on major freeways and on mission boulevard traffic looks good heading south and driving from caster valley it looks good grant line road still holding steady at 17 minutes. let's go back to the desk. san jose police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl and why police kept quiet about this case for nearly a week. and hampering a recovery effort after super storm sandy. and fog is beginning to develop and i will have more on what you can expect coming up. ?
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